Soft Power Washing vs high Pressure Washing

Is power washing and pressure washing the same thing? Not necessarily.  We use different tools and techniques for different jobs.  For house washing and most roof washing we use something called soft washing.  And for hard surfaces like concrete we do use high pressure and sometimes combine that with either hot water or even steam.

So what is soft wash power washing?  A soft wash incorporates power washing but with special low-pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun or wand along with a low pressure pump. That combined with a biodegradable chemical that removes the biological elements like (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants.

House Washing

Safely wash home exteriors including painted surfaces, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, brick and stucco using a soft wash method. Garage after soft power washingDirty Garage before soft power washing

Driveways and Side walks

Walkways and driveways are magnets for dirt, mold, and algae which doesn’t do your curb appeal any favors or your concrete either.  To keep them looking great we recommend pressure washing them once a year. Driveway After Surface CleaningDriveway Berfore Surface Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters often times have some very tough stains that are very difficult to remove even when power washing.  We treat them with a blend of detergents for a thorough cleaning inside and outside.  Depending on where you live we recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year.

Roof Wash

Ever wonder what that ugly looking brown-black staining is on your roof?  It’s due to the growth of Cyanobacteria Gloeocapsa magma algae and other things like mold, lichen and green algae all of which when left unabated can shorten the life of your roof.

A well-maintained roof lasts longer, and it will help maintain the value of your home or structure, helps promote better energy efficiency, and makes your curb appeal more attractive as well.

We safely remove moss, mildew, lichen or black algae stains from asphalt roofing shingles using ARMA “Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association” guide lines using a soft wash low pressure method. Never use high pressure on asphalt shingles”.



Fences like backyard decks and patios take a lot of abuse from the elements thru out the year and eventually they turn gray from the sun and black from mold & mildew.  And again routine maintenance is the key to protect your investment.  We use eco-safe products and the right equipment for your wood fence making it look new again. Fence After Power WashingFence Before Power Washing

Decks and patio's

Backyard decks and patios are great for family gatherings when the weather is nice. However, the weather isn’t always so nice and it can take its toll on your deck or patio thru out the year. Routine maintenance is the key to protect your investment.  We use eco-safe products and the right equipment for deck surface to bring your deck or patio back to its former appearance.

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