S Johnson

Kitchen Tile Floor

So you want a new kitchen tile floor. First, you have to remove the old flooring and sometimes it’s easier said than done.  The vinyl floor adhesive on this floor was particularly stubborn so I opted to use a coating removal disc along with a floor polisher.  By far the fastest, most-effective way of grinding away gummy coatings such as mastic, glue, adhesives, epoxies, thin-set, paint, and other coatings.  It works best with a wet floor which is a little messy but saves a boat load of time.  After that, we wet-vac and clean the concrete floor and it’s ready for new tile.

This kitchen tile floor project may or may not be within the do it yourself category but if you’re up to it check out this link for more information.

Installation by Prime Home Services


  • Tile flooring prepration
  • Laying new tile
  • Tile floor installation
  • Kitchen Tile Floor

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